Wednesday, February 16, 2011

France, 6/8/16

Dear Dad,
Just a line to let you know that I am still going strong. We are having a fairly quiet time just now but are still in the trenches with our prospective spell apparently about as far away as it was three months ago. Still we cannot growl, the Brigadier, Brig. Gen. [illegible] seems to have a lot of time for machine gunners, and allows us privileges not enjoyed by others. Twelve months ago today we made the advance on Gallipoli, at nine thirty we moved out of Happy Valley for the left.
Conditions are very different here, the shell fire is heavier for one thing, but no one who was through it would ever wish themselves back on the peninsula.
A week ago I posted you a book "Fragments from France". The characters in the sketches are of course exaggerated but both the incidents and the surroundings as drawn are fairly true to the real thing and give a better idea of things as they are than yards of the stuff one sees in the papers.
Herewith are a few snaps taken in Egypt. I had them printed in France here a day or two ago. They have not turned out very well. Mother sometimes enquires after young Hamilton he is still in Egypt with the mounteds and I enclose a letter which I have just received from him which gives you a fair idea of how they are faring.
Trusting you are all well.
Best regards,

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Thought I would just drop a note saying I am still enjoying these posts - they give a really strong sense of how things must have been, as much as the censors allowed stuff through - I suppose a certain amount of reading between the lines is required. I reall like the way it makes NZ seem like a wee village the way he says "I bumped into so and so the other day".

    I'm curious as to the look of the vermin proof socks and shirts mentioned in the last post... Love mary