Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trenches 26/12/16

My dear Mother, I have just received your letter of 29th Oct and am sorry to learn that you had not then received my letters of 16th Sept. I did not at first think that my name would get as far as the casualty lists. I have not come across Gordon since the Somme and did not know how he had fared until I saw Stan Green in London. We are having a quiet time here for Christmas, plenty to eat and a house to live in. The house it is true is somewhat the worse for wear, but keeps out the weather which at present is not bad at all. We have had a few light falls of snow but do not seem to feel the cold somehow. Before coming into the trenches this time we were inspected by Sir Douglas Haig. He looked very much like the photos we see of him in the papers.
Well there is not much that we may write of here so I will close. Trusting this finds you all in good health and spirits, love to all,
Your affectionate son,

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  1. I can't help but cry on this letter, you can show how much he loves his mother.