Thursday, May 6, 2010

S. S. Willochra, Sunday, 25/4/15

Dear Father,
I wrote a note to mother the other day in the hopes that it would go ashore at Hobart. However, no mail was allowed to go ashore there- we were only in port for half an hour-1.45 AM until 2.15 AM- so that you will recieve this about the same time.
We are now on our way to Albany which port we expect to reach about next Wednesday. About nine o'clock on Thursday last we raised a lighthouse- our first land since leaving New Zealand- and by about five on Friday afternoon we had lost sight of the last bit of Tasmania. So that you will see that our visit to Tasmanian waters was of the shortest.
The Knight Templar picked us up again on Friday morning and we have been travelling in company ever since. About then we ran into some rain, the first we had yet struck, and have had it fairly cold ever since. We have seen nothing of the Waitomo since leaving Cook Strait and as we are now doing about 12 knots don't expect to see her until we reach Albany.


We have had a fairly heavy swell for the past few days and our boat has been living up to her reputation as a roller. The motion of the shop has not upset me however, and except that I roll about in bunk at night I don't mind it.
It is thought likely that we will reach Albany at four o'clock tomorrow morning and as the mail closes an hour after reaching port I will have to post this tonight. Our orders for parade tomorrow are for putties and boots so that is likely we will go ashore for a route march. The usual dress for the five hours drill a day we put in is denims and bare feet and and pretty cold we find it sometimes.
They vaccinated our Company today so that by this time next week we can expect to be having some fun. It is generally understood here that  our destination is Egypt and that the next lot to leave N.Z. will be another Main Body. About six of our officers go back from here to join it. Well I must close for the present.
With love to all,

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  1. Jenny I meant to tell you on Tuesday what a great idea this is. I have been harbouring a secret wish to read them since you first mentioned them ages ago! Thankyou for sharing, I await the next mail with much anticipation. Lindy xxx