Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ismailia 28/2/16

Dear Mother
I received your letters and was glad to learn that you were all enjoying yourselves in Wellington. The photos that Bob sent were very good. I enclose here a couple of snaps that we took when we were in isolation they are not very good I have some better ones which I will send later. In a few days I a going to Zeitoun along with others of the Machine Gun Section to the School of Instruction there for three weeks instruction on the machine gun. That will make a change from the eternal tramping on the sand here. I see Gordon McDonald often he is looking very fit as also are Linus and Cecil Walker.
Well there is not much I can say I will write again soon. We have plenty of work plenty to eat and are all very fit.
Love to all, Rawei

Note: There is some more information about WWI machine gunners here.

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