Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moasca Camp, Ismailia, 14 Feby 1916

Dear Mother,
I have been having a fairly easy time for the past week one of our chaps caught the mumps and the rest of the tent, six of us, have been in isolation for seven days. We have nothing to do in the way of parades and put in the day reading and writing.
Last time I was isolated was at Lemnos when about forty of us were put in isolation and inoculated against diphtheria. There doesn't seem to have been anything discovered as a preventative against mumps so that we have been spared an inoculation this time.
Under separate cover I am sending a scarf. It is suppposed to be Egyptian crochet work and of silk. I am a poor judge of such things and do not know if it is worth much. There is not much opportunity to buy anything here.
My address is now,
Machine Gun Section
Canty. Inf. Batn.
and letters so addressed will reach me quicker than those addressed 2nd Coy although they all get here ultimately.
Well I trust you are all in good health best regards to all your affectionate son,

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