Friday, October 15, 2010

Zeitoun, 14th March 1916

Dear Dad,
I came down here a week ago to the school of instruction to go through a three weeks course on the machine gun. There are about a couple of dozen New Zealanders here at the school and seven or eight hundred men from other divisions. Scotch and English Regts., Australians, Canadians, Sth Africans, and even a West Indian Brigade have all got their representatives here. We have about seven and a half hours a day of instructional work, mostly lectures which have to be written up at night so that we fairly busy.
I am in good form again and feel just about as fit as when I left N.Z. I weigh 13 st 1 lb.
We do not think we will be in Egypt much longer but have not much idea where we will go.
The letters you wrote on your arrival at Wellington reached me alright but I have not recieved any later mail. This trip down here gives me an opportunity to have a look at the pyramids the Sphinx and the other wonders of the place.
Trusting that everything is going satisfactorily and that you are all in good health.
With love to all, Rawei

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