Sunday, October 24, 2010

Egypt, 31/3/16

Dear Gwen,
I am enclosing half a dozen prints of photos which I was able to take when in Cairo at the beginning of the month. Please note that my address is now 6/1917, D.R. McLean, 2nd Company, N.Z. Machine Gun Corps, N.Z.E.F. in future it will be well to address everything thus as I am now quite apart from the Cant. Inf. Batn.
We made an early start this morning at at four o'clock and came back again at one this afternoon this finishes us for the day.
Egypt is now becoming very hot and the flies are troublesome but we are living in hopes of going to France soon.
I trust that you are all in good health. Love to all, your affectionate brother,

Dear Elsie,
I received you letter of 6th July yesterday and was glad to learn that you were all in good health.
The heat and the flies are becoming a bit trying here in Egypt and we are in the hopes that we will be sent to France shortly. My new address in future will be No. 2 Coy, N.Z. Machine Gun Corps, N.Z.E.F. Letters addressed to Canty Inf. Batn are likely to be considerable delayed so please use my new address. It is really not much use sending any parcels as they very often go astray and in any case if we go into action again it will probably be in a place not many miles distant from of the world's biggest cities and where we will be supplied with all the things that have hitherto been luxuries.
Gordon McDonald is here looking well I see him occasionally. I ran across Stand Green when up in Cairo he has a base job at Kasr-el Nil Barracks. Well I will close now.
Love to all, your affectionate brother, Rawei

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