Friday, November 5, 2010

France, 22/4/16

Dear Dad,
Just a line to let you know that I am still going strong. You will probably know our whereabouts before you receive this [censored] and are now billeted out in farmhouses, in barns with plenty of straw, and are very comfortable despite the weather. When we left Egypt a midday temperature of 110 in the shade was not uncommon so that you can understand us shivering a little when we landed in [censored] with the glass at about 45. We have had a drizzly rain ever since arriving up here but the weather should improve now and I dare say we will become used to a little mud. This appears to be a wonderfully rich country and except for the absence of men the effects of the war are not very apparent to us. In case you did not receive my last letter my address is now 6/1917 2nd Company N.Z. Machine Gun Corps N.Z.E.F. We are only just within sound of the firing here but will no doubt be into it soon.
Best regards to all at home,
Your affectionate son,

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  1. Hey I'll have to engineer this on to my side links. I'm no longer routing through misssmithathome and have over looked it! till now. 1916, You wonder how France was 2 years later.