Friday, April 1, 2011

France, 9/10/16

My dear Dad,
I was glad to learn from your letter of the 12th that you were in good health again. Since writing you last we have been into the big push and can now say we have seen the last thing in modern warfare. What with gas, liquid fire, and big shells, it is hell with the lid off as they say.
Fritz is a hard fighter and is well equipped but we can shift him any time we like although not before half his garrison has been killed. If it has done nothing else our trip down here has shown us our superiority in artillery and men. The scale on which things are done here is enormous and quite beyond my powers of description.
The last day we "hopped the parapet" here to advance we had the "Tanks" (heavy armoured cars) with us and while going forward with our guns I met Cecil Walker coming back with a bullet through the chest. He was alright and should now be in England if he got back without stopping another. The next day Saturday 16/9/16 Fritz put a shell right into the gun position we have dug and got the whole lot of us. Two were seriously wounded I stopped a small piece in the thigh which took me out of it for a few days. I got back again in time to go over again last Sunday when we took another bit of trench. On this occasion we used liquid fire. I have not been able to find out how Gordon fared yet but trust he is alright. I will write again soon.
Love to all,

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