Sunday, May 1, 2011

France, 20/10/16

My Dear Mother,
Here we are back at the same old spot we left two months ago. Things seem to be very quiet here after our experiences in the last place. We expect a mail in any day now but have had nothing for a week or so. I am now a corporal and if leave is not cancelled should have leave to Blighty in the next fortnight.
This place will do us for the winter if we only have the luck to be left here. Plenty of comfortable dugouts and nothing much doing. Each gun team does its own cooking. When in the trenches we have have a mess fund and what with the tucker issued and what we buy we live very well. One chap shot a partridge the other day but when it was nearly roasted poured some rifle oil on it in mistake for fat, another one fried his bread in dubbin. What with dubbin, grease for our feet, and rifle oil we have to be careful what tin we dip into when cooking. I am in good health and trust you are all the same.
With love to all,
Your affectionate son,

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  1. Just wonderful to read how yr grandfather lived & what actually happened over there..Thank you for sharing.. Best Wishes, Pam Clarke.. New England, NSW, OZ