Monday, October 10, 2016

Belgium 23/6/17

My Dear Dad,
Here I am back with my old Company again and to tell the truth, glad to be settled down once again with a definite job to do. The company in common with other units had a good many casualties in the last bust up, which I was lucky enough to miss, but fortunately the proportion of light wounds was very large.
Mother's letter of the 19th April arrived today and I was glad to learn from it that you were all well and that Mr McDonald was on the mend again. Connie Fowler's address arrived alright. I should like to have had it when in London it was just a week or so too late. However I may be over there again soon. Leave will not take as long to come round now as it used to in the ranks.
We are having a spell just now behind the line a few miles but even here we have a little excitement. We were inspected by General Russell this morning. This afternoon Fritz burnt three of our balloons so we retaliated by burning some of his and downing one of his planes a few hundred yards from our camp. All very spectacular events. Then he keeps throwning long range naval stuff back in a more or less vain endeavor to blow up shell dumps. So that we are not allowed to forget that there is a war on.
Well, I hope this finds you and everyone in good health.
Love to all.
Your affectionate son, Rawei

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