Monday, October 10, 2016

France, 12/6/17

[This letter is written on paper with Machine Gun Corps letterhead]

My Dear Mother,
As you see I am now back again in France. Rather quieter than we expected to be back, but they seem to think they need us for they took eight of us away from the course we were going through at Grantham and set us straight over.
At present we are at the M.G. Base Depot a very pretty place where by walking a mile or two we can bathe in the sea. Before leaving London I posted some photographs to you. In case you do not recieve them I am posting some more under seprate cover with the same mail as this letter. As you will know the N.Z. Division has been in the last big fight and we are all rather anxious to see the casualty lists.
We arrived here yesterday and as far as we can see there is not much for us to do down here, but they will not keep us here long.
Well Mother I will write you again soon.
Best Love to All.
Your affectionate son,

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